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History Of Online Craps

The origin of online craps history has become a matter of debate in the world of gambling today. Some people believe that it has evolved from an ancient English game know as Hazard. Originally, the game we know as craps today has its origin in France. It was a game called Hazard which had the nickname “crabs” and the name Craps developed from a mispronunciation of this. Fresh and updated no deposit bonus code - All codes are hand picked by experts. Click here to get your code.

Though originating from France, it can be said that craps history began in England in 18th century as a game called Hazard. It was a game played the young fashionable men who could afford paying for the luxuries and private gaming clubs. The French had adopted the game from their neighbor across the English channel. To distinguish themselves from the Englishmen they had changed the name into “craps”.

The French referred this game as 'French Hazard' or simply crabs which has been mispronounced as craps giving the game as its current name. During 1830s, craps had spread in America with the help of British and French setters. There the game moved south along the coastline and the game became a popular pastime activity.

Craps history takes another turn in the beginning of the 19th century. John H. Winn simplified craps and invented another layout of the game. He introduced the Pass and Don't Pass Bets, the Big 6 and 8 into the game. It can said that he invented craps rules.

Craps become very popular during the 2nd World War. Soldiers played craps and used it to pass their time. The game migrated with the U.S soldiers to different parts of the world and today most of the people in world is aware of this game.

The play of the game has been changing throughout the years. Stating from betting on your own dice or roll has now evolved into the ability to bet against or for that of another player as well. The game of craps, or a variation of it, has become very popular now.

History of online craps reviewed above will help you gain a deeper insight into the origin of this fascinating game.

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